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Montréal Transitoire

A collective reflection on temporary uses for vacant buildings

In the framework of a workshop, the City of Montreal invites you to come join local and international experts to imagine different strategies for best envisioning and encouraging the deployment of transitory uses in vacant buildings in the city, for the benefit of all Montrealers.

January 26, 2017

The lack of maintenance and occupancy of numerous heritage buildings is an important issue in Montreal, as many of them are vulnerable due to vacancy. In this context, the limitations of enforcement powers and measures currently in place represent a management challenge for municipal authorities. Victims of vandalism, theft of material, informal occupation and fire, these buildings deteriorate rapidly and the cost of their upkeep increases considerably.

Montreal is not alone in confronting this problem. As a remedy, temporary uses are becoming increasingly important internationally as transitory strategies to take advantage of building vacancy. It is an approach that allows communities to free the potential of the neglected spaces of our city today, now, to build better tomorrow. The challenge is to develop versatile, flexible and agile mechanisms able to become the catalysts for long-term development, while in the meantime maximizing the use and upkeep of buildings.

Presented by the City of Montreal

Organized by Entremise

In collaboration with the Consulate General of France, Quebec City, and the Institute for Urban Futures, Concordia University

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