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From the Ground Up

Conference and Workshops
April 12 - April 14, 2019

The IUF has been invited to partner with the Milton Parc Citizens' Committee for a 3 day conference that will focus on strategies for the creation of community driven land trusts, non-speculative housing, participative democracy and solidarity economies as they relate to heritage and the built environment.

Discover the full schedule here, with locations, times and event information.

About From the Ground Up

What is the cooperative movement’s vision for our economy? How can we protect land and homes from market speculation? How can that land form the basis for a new economy beyond capitalism, one based on living beings needs and ecology? 

From the Ground Up is a visionary conference about the community control of land, housing, and the economy that will seek to answer these questions, renew our vision, and broaden our collective ambitions. It is organised by citizen activists and solidarity economy pioneers in Milton Parc and broader Montreal, and will be held on April 12–14, 2019, as the follow up to an all day conference in November 2018.

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