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Photo credit: David Ward


From the forests and plains to the cities and streets, from sky world to the womb, along rivers, between tipis and jail cells, ​Dwellings​ is an exploration of Indigenous homes. 

She:kon, Aneen!​ Dwellings​ is a performative, immersive response to the complex Indigenous-Canadian relationship that addresses the history, realities and dreams of the Indigenous house and home, and its effect on the land and on our bodies. Over centuries there has been a massive displacement of our Peoples from their homes and homelands. This performance acknowledges this history and tries to bring forth the possibilities of home and land. We acknowledge the Indigenous Nations in whose territory we are performing: the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinaabe, the Huron. We acknowledge as well the artists and culture workers of this territory. Thank you for allowing us to be here.

Small audience groups will “migrate” through a series of unconventional performance spaces on campus to experience themes ranging from the sacred to the abject. Led by Theatre professor Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, in collaboration with Indigenous visiting artists Emilie Monnet (Anishinaabe/French) and Floyd Favel (Cree) the project includes works by Kanien:keha'ka media artist Skawennati, and Kanien:keha’ka scholar and storyteller Kahente Horn-Miller, Bear Clan. ​Dwellings​ connects Concordia students, faculty, researchers and artists across disciplines and communities including Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Matralab, Indigenous Futures Cluster ​+ Obx Labs for Experimental Media​, Topological Media Lab, and SenseLab. 


Thursday through Sunday, 20-23 April 2017.
Thu and Fri​ at 8pm; ​Sat​ at 2pm, 4:15pm and 8pm; ​Sun​ at 2pm and 7pm​.

The performances will take place in ​multiple indoor locations in LB, De Maisonneuve tunnel, and EV.
Space is limited. Advance booking is a must.
Cost:​ $12 general / $7 students

For more details and reservations call 514 848 2424 ext 4555

Meeting Place​: Library Building Atrium (LB ground floor, near the elevators).
A ​public roundtable discussion​ in response to the performance will take place at 4:30pm Sunday, April 23, in the EV Junction (2n​ d​ floor of EV, Mackay Street side).

Funded by an Insight Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)​ 

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