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Wood at Work

Student Design-Build Competition
October 27, 2017


As part of the Wood at Work conference held at St. Jax Church, student teams from the four Montreal universities were challenged to build a bridge spanning 10’ and supporting a minimum of 200 pounds using 75 lengths of green, site-milled recovered ash, and in only 7 hours. In their bridge, Concordia students Asa Perlman, Sophia Fukuda, Ryan Bruggeman (Design) and Laurence Chanut (Urban Planning) evoked the memory of the fallen ash tree along with the experience of walking on a log across a forest stream. Their entry was a poetic and playful reflection on the sustainable use of wood in architecture and urban environments, which won third place in the competition.

The team was organized by the Institute for Urban Futures with project manager Paul Holmquist as advisor. Hand and power tools were generously provided by Tom Simpkins of the Faculty of Fine Arts CTC Woodshop.

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Student Design-Build Competition photos

Wood_at_Work_hero_preview Ryan Bruggeman and Laurence Chanut assemble the bridge.
team_concordia_wood_4_preview Laurence Chanut attempts a crossing with an assist from Asa Perlman.
team_concordia_wood_3_preview Asa Perlman makes the first crossing.
team_concordia_wood_5_preview The bridge, ready for judging at St. Jax.
team_concordia_wood_6_preview Team Concordia: from left, Asa Perlman, Ryan Bruggeman, Laurence Chanut, Sophia Fukuda, Paul Holmquist.
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