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Champlain Bridge Project

This project focuses on the socio-environmental benefits of the deconstruction of the Champlain Bridge and the impacts of repurposing its materials into new municipal infrastructure, urban interventions and public art works. The project also seeks to underline the non-financial benefits that emerge from participatory processes and the direct benefits of such processes to communities and local stakeholders.

Research Team: Dr Alice Jarry (Principal Investigator, F.FA, DCART), Dr Lan Lin (ENCS, BCEE), Dr Shauna Janssen (F.FA, Theatre), Dr Carly Zitler (FAS, Biology), Dr Nathalie Drouin (Kheops, Enap), Dr Alexandra Prohet (Keops, Enap), with Thomas Heinrich (BFA, DART), Romaric Desbrousses (ENSC, Msc, BCEE), Christian S. M. Dondé (PhD INDI), and Tricia Henns (Mdes).

The project has received seed funding from the Concordia University Cities Cluster (Office of the Provost), and is a multidisciplinary and intersectoral partnership between Concordia University, the PJCCI (Pont Jacques Cartiers + Champlain Bridges), and Kheops.

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