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Zeina Ismail-Allouche


My urban futures

I am INDI PHD candidate exploring, through an oral history research-creation, the life stories of those who were separated from their origins through transracial/intercountry adoption

Zeina has over 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and monitoring integrated reform plans in support of child protection with a special focus on preventing separation and the alternative care sector in Lebanon, Yemen, the Gulf area. She has contributed to international initiatives to promote family strengthening aiming at preventing separation, participated in the drafting of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children (2009), and facilitated a regional initiative to contextualize those guidelines into the Arab World. 

Zeina's journey goes back to the mid 80’s as a volunteer with many civil entities in Lebanon. She started her professional journey with UNICEF in Lebanon, and as an international UNICEF staff serving in Yemen. She established an NGO in Lebanon advocating for the rights of victims of forced separation and have created many oral history research-creation in collaboration with victims of forced separation.

An activist, intervention designer, researcher, and facilitator, she reverts to Oral History research-creation to honor the survivors' life stories and contribute to advocating for social justice.

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