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Tina Carlisi


My urban futures

My urban future includes more autonomous citizen lead anti-capitalist projects that foster inclusive spaces, environmental degrowth, intergenerational skillsharing/knowledge exchange and togetherness. 

Tina Carlisi is a socially engaged artist and doctoral candidate in the Individualized Program in Fine Arts at Concordia supported by the SSHRC doctoral fellowship. Inspired by the notion of possibility, utopias, the poetic and personal as political, her work is often at the intersections of diy printmaking, art actions and encounters as ways to foster togetherness and friendship/kinship. Her PhD research involves case studies of communes founded on squatted land in Copenhagen, London and Barcelona — investigating the social and material intimacies involved at the intersection between communal living, learning and artistic expression. Tina recently published an article on free cultural spaces on specific autonomous communities in Seismopolite, a Norwegian Journal of Art and Politics. She is also involved in various international free school and alternative school projects/residencies as part of her ongoing commitment to radical forms of learning, art making and community engagement. 

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