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Rebecca Duclos


My urban futures

My urban future includes more time and space and mind for serendipity and happenstance to show us hidden parts of ourselves, our cities, and others.

Rebecca Duclos is the current Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and professor in Art History at Concordia. She has written on the urban interventionist work of artists Mike Nelson, Janet Cardiff, and George Bures Miller, as well as on the early Montreal site-specific practice of artists Martha Fleming and Lyne Lapointe. Over the years she has also helped stage “bibliodérives” in a number of libraries to encourage students and the public to treat these sites as “a city of books” where situationist strategies of the “drift” can be used to prompt generative, open-ended research positions. At a larger level, when it comes to thinking deeply and urgently about the urban condition, Rebecca sees universities as one of the most crucial arenas of research, teaching, activism, collaboration and speculation and is doing what she can to foster an environment at Concordia where this can happen amongst a diverse and brilliant constituency. 

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