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Michael Montanaro


Michael Montanaro is a trans-disciplinary artist who is best known for his work in the field of contemporary dance and mixed media. A graduate of the Hartford Conservatory,he has performed with the Boston Ballet, Les Grands Ballet Canadiens and LeGroupe de la Place Royale where he also served for 5 years as co-artistic director.

A professor at Concordia University, Michael was Chair of the Department of Contemporary Dance from 1999 through 2014. As Director of the Topological Media Lab, Michael he is deeply involved in working with many undergraduate, graduate students and artists in the conception,development, creative direction and realization of many of the labs diverse research streams.

Dedicated to the envisioning, design and creation of projects focused on evolving innovative ways in which new technologies are used to enhance the first person experience within responsive environments, Michael is currently the; Principal investigator and director of “InTime”- an FQRSC funded research creation project focused on building a large scale interactive installation dealing with the perception of time; A conceptual collaborator and mise en scène for “Practices of Everyday Life |Cooking” - an electroacoustic composition / performance piece based on the sonified preparation of a meal and performed by a professional chef/dancer; The  “Little Burgundy Narratives” which is funded by the SSHRC Insight Grant "Arts and Ideas in Motion" and the Solar Decathalon China. These last two projects are in collaboration with Professor Michael Jemtrud, Director of the FARMM Lab, McGill University and its associate researchers.

In September 2016 Michael was in Linz Austria presenting Practicesof Everyday Life | Cooking and the premiere presentation of the interactive installation “Aquaphoneia

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