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My urban futures

We live in an increasingly urban world with 50 percent of the global population and 80 percent of the Canadian population living in cities, yet there continues to be a gap in political science analysis of contemporary urban challenges and associated responses. This is particularly problematic as there is growing recognition of the importance of cities as the sites and saviours of complex policy challenges such as homelessness, climate change, immigration settlement, and population aging. Some laud a municipal revolution where local governments are finally considered important policy actors while others posit an urban governance crisis. I envision an urban future where the former becomes a reality, but a reality in which local government serves the needs of its diverse resident base over corporate profit. This requires new forms of local governance, new revenue and policy tools, new policy visions and action plans, and new forms of intergovernmental coordination. 

Meghan Joy has an M.Sc. in Planning (University of Toronto), a PhD in Policy Studies (Ryerson University) and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Concordia University. Her research interests include the politics of population aging, theories and practice of progressive politics and policy in cities, and the shifting policy role of the nonprofit sector. These topics are combined in Meghan’s ongoing research, which examines the ways in which municipalities and nonprofit actors develop and implement the Age Friendly City program in Canada’s largest urban centres (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver). Meghan is also interested in the role and capacities of municipal and nonprofit actors to action Sanctuary City policies and is currently researching this topic (with Dr. Paquet, Dr. Shields, Dr. Hudson and Dr. Atak) through the BMRC-IRMU Project. Her recent publications include Problematizing the Age Friendly Cities and Communities Program in Toronto, Austerity in the Making: Reconfiguring Social Policy through Social Impact Bonds (with Dr. John Shields), and Toronto’s Governance Crisis: A Global City Under Pressure (with Dr. Ronald K. Vogel). 

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