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Maria Chekahnovich


My urban futures

I imagine an Urban Future that includes new materiality and new relationships between humans and other beings. I see communication and co dependencies between objects of daily life, people and animals. 
Rooftops covered with solar panels, green public gardens that feed all and supermarkets filled with goods with biodegradable packaging. I see humans connecting with the world through humble understanding as being a part and within a vibrant complex and untangible ecosystem. 

Mir is an interdisciplinary artist working in Video, Dance, Performance and Bio-Art. Her main interest is to challenge and reveal the complex relationships between language and embodiment. Her goal is to evoke a sense of connection and engage participants in being. 

Mir est une artiste interdisciplinaire qui fusionne vidéo, danse, performance et bio-art. Son principal intérêt est de défier et de révéler les relations complexes entre langage et incarnation. Son objectif est d’évoquer un sentiment de connexion et d’engager les participantes à être.

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