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Eduardo Della Foresta

Eduardo Della Foresta

Eduardo Della Foresta is an artist and MFA candidate in Studio Arts at Concordia University. As a sculpture student, he is concerned with the distance between spheres of social engagement and shaping space to elicit discourse and open dialogue.

He concurrently works as a caseworker with Projet logement Montréal (PLM), an organization committed to social integration and inclusion. PLM is a recovery-oriented approach to ending homelessness which centres on moving people experiencing homelessness into independent and permanent housing. The project has assisted and provided subsidized housing to 250 men, women and young people suffering from episodic or chronic homelessness.

Eduardo’s research considers various ways in which imagination can help reduce the painful effects of isolation and disaffiliation. His research has been support by the IUF’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program which further allowed for the launch of Atelier Mobile Montreal (AMM). AMM is a mobile workshop that provides tools and supplies for those who are excluded from cultural exchange due to socio-economic factors. Marginalized communities are at a higher risk of seclusion and need access to alternative creative spaces.

The goals of AMM are to provide marginalized urban communities with resources that offer a pragmatic approach to making and sharing, and reduce sustained social isolation through creative expression.

AMM’s mobile truck provides services across Montreal that promotes creative expression by providing tools, supplies, and instruction free of charge. The Atelier facilitates making and fabricating based on the interests and projects of our participants.

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