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Cynthia Hammond


My urban futures

My urban future includes everyone: women, LGBTQIA+ folks, refugees, immigrants, Indigenous, Inuit and First Nations, animals, weeds, old people, children, biodiversity, and a robust, democratic process by which urban change occurs, and in which the aforementioned are not just consulted but are the beating heart of every decision made. My urban future is feminist. My urban future is inclusive. My urban future in one in which the right to the city belongs to everyone.

Cynthia Imogen Hammond's research-creation addresses situated knowledge and unexpected agencies within the city. Cynthia uses her art practice and storytelling to make visible the roles that women, elders, animals, and even plant life play in the shaping of urban environments. Her interdisciplinary, place-based work explores the right to the city through its occupants, resulting in university-community partnerships, and collaborative, public art. She also has a longstanding interest in the activist histories of the urban preservation movement. Cynthia is Professor of Art History at Concordia University, and the Lead Co-Director of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling.

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