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Cheryl Gladu


My urban futures

My urban future includes vibrant, engaged, and empowered communities that measure success in terms related to well being and resiliency rather than economic growth. Also a good variety of dog parks. 

Cheryl Gladu, BIB, MBA is an Interdisciplinary PhD Candidate at Concordia University (Management and Design). Cheryl’s current research interests include collaborative design and the creation of places and processes that encourage long-term sustainable behaviour change. In this vein, she has been learning from members of Canadian Cohousing Communities what it means to design, develop, manage and live in an intentional communities across the country. She is looking at ways to scale-up participatory development processes in order to include a broader cross section of society. She is also examining ways to retro-fit existing infrastructure with more participate processes to encourage interdependence and resiliency in exiting communities.

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