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Carmela Cucuzzella


Dr. Carmela Cucuzzella is an Associate Professor in the Design and Computation Arts department. She holds a Concordia University Research Chair in Integrated Design and Sustainability for the Built Environment (IDEAS-BE). She has a background in various facets of design, holding degrees in Computer Science, Design Art, a Masters in Design and Complexity and a PhD in Environmental Design. Her research work is framed within the broad domain of design studies where she investigates questions of sustainable design for urban living. Her theoretical framework revolves around questions of qualitative judgment in design thinking by considering the interrelated dimensions of the cognitive-instrumental, the moral-practical and the aesthetic-expressive forms of discourse and judgment. The main objective of her research is to better understand how architects go beyond current injunctions of environmental norms and policies in order to achieve a necessary balance between design ethics and aesthetics - a question that is inescapable for architecture practice today. This is done through a two-folded research agenda. First, she studies how the representative nature of contemporary sustainable architectural practice may be pushing the discipline away from its cultural and ideological production and into a technological demonstration. Second, in her CoLLaboratoire project, she seeks to understand how the collaborative design of public art-architecture installations can contribute to a critique, deeper understanding and/or embodiment of sustainable urban, professional, community, and even human practices in the long term. 

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