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Sylvain Lavoie


Sylvain Lavoie studies in the PhD Humanities program at Concordia University where he teaches courses on literature and drama. He is also a part-time professor of theatre history and theory at the University of Ottawa. Currently acting as the Francophone Representative for the Canadian Association for Theatre Research, Sylvain recently became the editorial director of the “scène_s” collection for Les Herbes rouges publishing company. Prior to attending Concordia, he studied literature and mathematics at the University of Alberta, completed a Master’s degree in popular culture in Europe and Quebec at the Université de Montréal, and worked at the National Arts Centre as a communications officer.

Sylvain’s current research weaves together anthropology and philosophy, and focuses on animals in contemporary artistic practices in Quebec. More broadly, for the past decade his work as a critic has centered around place(s) of culture in public discourses; that is, how performing arts – mostly theatre and circus – are used to define Montreal and, by extension, the Belle Province, in problematic narratives that are often both nostalgic and amnesic.


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