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IUF Research Axis

IUF programming and activities align with our four key research and research creation axes of activism, adaptivity, affectivity, and amplification – A4 – that correspond to our essential modes of public outreach and community engagement.

  • Activism entails engaging the community directly on urban issues, such as social justice and climate change, through research and research creation, as both application and development of new research, which implements concrete change.

  • Adaptivity concerns the adaption of research and new technologies to the realities of urban life (ie. smart cities and AI) and communities and vice-versa, wherein the public has a voice in both the implementation and development of new technologies.

  • Affectivity concerns the imaginative, aesthetic, sensory, psychological, aspirational and reflective dimensions of urban experience through research creation and the arts.

  • Amplification regards stimulating, giving impetus to, and extending the reach and effect of our own and others’ research activities, and the University’s role in urban and community engagement overall, by creating synergies among researchers, actors and University units, and taking advantage of public forums such as websites, social media, lectures, conferences, competitions, publications, and other dissemination avenues.
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