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Funding and support

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a full range of research services through the Office of the Associate Dean Research, working in conjunction with Concordia's central Office of Research (OOR) to support the development and growth of creative research and scholarship in fine arts at Concordia University.

Information for faculty & staff

Faculty and staff can find information about research funding on Carrefour (login required):

Funding opportunities for graduate students

A number of awards are available to graduate students. Visit the Graduate Studies web site to make an advanced search of applicable funding.

Brucebo and W.B. Bruce Fine Arts Scholarships

The Brucebo Scholarship for study and travel in Sweden funds a three months’ working residency – starting  June 1 – at the Brucebo studio cottage in the Själsö fishing village, 7 km north of the Hanseatic and Medieval City of Visby. The scholarship includes the use of the studio cottage, and a stipend of 50 000 SEK (approx. $7,500 CAD) that covers travel expenses from Canada – Gotland (return). The William Blair Bruce Travel Scholarship provides 30.000 SEK (approx. $4,500 CAD) for a European research sejour, to be undertaken within the next year. The tour is based on an approved Fine Art-related investigative project.

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