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Canada Research Chair

Professor Sandeep Bhagwati

Canada Research Chair in Inter-X Art Practice and Theory

In August 2006, Professor Bhagwati was appointed Canada Research Chair in Inter-X Art Practice and Theory (Tier 2) jointly in the Department of Music and Department of Theatre. 

The goal of the CRC program is to ensure that Canadian universities “achieve the highest levels of research excellence to become world-class research centres in the global, knowledge-based economy.”

Professor Sandeep Bhagwati


Composer and performance artist Sandeep Bhagwati believes art in today’s digitalized and globalized world cannot be contained within any one culture, discipline or medium. Since art is influenced by many different forms of experience, his interest is in interdisciplinary, intercultural, intermedia and interactive (Inter-X) approaches to art.

Professor Sandeep Bhagwati

Creative practice constantly evolves: composers make films, actors use wearable computers, artists design miming robots and traditional dancers compose real-time electronic music. In his well-equipped, state-of-the-art matralab (Music/Movement/Media Art Theatre/Theory Research Agency Laboratory), housed at Hexagram-Concordia, Professor Bhagwati studies and designs complex, pioneering art forms and strives to make them accessible to everyone.

His research and collaborations with local and international artists include explorations of how sound moves in space (sound spatialization), altering sound with digital interfaces (using a digital wand), live performance interfacing with immersive technologies, and the merging traditional and digital art.

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Bhagwati's lab, matralab, is a research space dedicated to using interdisciplinary art practice to bridge the gap between art forms and to create a framework for theevaluation of intercultural, intermedia and interactive art. In addition to describing the lab's collaborative atmosphere, this video outlines one of the CRC's current projects - Musicking the Body Electric, or the ":body:suit:score" - a garment that serves as a score to musicians.

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