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Metal shop

Supported processes

  • Welding room
    • MIG welding on steel
    • TIG welding on steel, aluminum, stainless and copper alloys
    • Brazing, cutting and heating with oxy-acethylene torches
    • Soldering
    • Plasma cutting
  • Bending, folding, cutting and drilling floor equipment as well as numerous hand tools to work with metal
  • Grinding section of the metal shop provides students with a dedicated room to sand and grind steel metal objects

Please note that the Core Technical Centres are not open to the public. Only Fine Arts students, faculty and researchers may use the Metal Shop facility.

Booking the Metal Shop

Graduate students or Researchers with access to campus will have limited access through bookable appointments.

Our capacity is currently very limited. You will need to discuss the technical requirements of your project with the technician before they book an appointment for you to work on site.


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