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Shop Assistant Program


The SAPlings program is on pause for the Fall 2022 semester. Stay tuned for updates.

How the SAPling program works

The Shop Assistant Program (SAPlings) has been a unique initiative in Fine Arts where students have volunteered two hours per week in exchange for skill training out of the Core Technical Centre shops. The SAPlings program has hosted virtual exhibitions, vernissages, collage nights, game nights and more.

The initiative began in 2018 to give students a new path to increasing their overall knowledge of tools and shop skills. Previous SAPlings participants worked in small teams towards increasing opportunities for skill sharing and addressing issues around ease-of-access and other student anxieties. The program ran on the basis of equitable exchange and adapted to the needs of each semester.

In 2021, SAPlings became a virtual group called the PIXLS (Peer Interface eXchange Learning for Students) and ran several successful events, skills shares and gatherings as well as a curated virtual exhibition entitled Homemade!

Give your input on future activities

We are planning a workshop series so let us know what you're interested in and stay tuned for updates!

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