Summer 2022 Renovation

We are extremely excited that the EV8th Floor Renovation of the Core Technical Center will proceed this summer and will be ready Fall 2022. This project will bring an expanded Digital Fabrication facility, new equipment, a new Wood shop and a reimagined workspace.

It has begun!

Important dates: 

  • April 1st, last day for a consultation on a new project
  • April 13th, Winter Term last day of classes
  • April 22nd, Last day the CTC Shops will be open for Winter Term
  • April 28th to May 2nd,  moving out all equipment
  • May 2nd, start of contractor mobilization
  • May 6th, start of demolition 
  • May 9th, the CTC Metal shop will reopen for regular summer operations and the CTC Technicians at the VA will start booking consultations for Graduate Students and Researchers

How to prepare:

Schedule a consultation and discuss your end of semester project requirements with a Technician before April 1st. You may need to scale back your project in order to complete it in time.

Please make a plan to remove or disassemble your projects by April 22nd. Any projects remaining after April 22nd will be considered waste.

If you are not planning to take your project home, please discuss the disassembly options with a Technician.

Materials can be donated to CUCCR but in order to do so, they must be disassembled so please make a plan for your materials to be reused.

What to expect:

The Metal shop is not part of the renovation and it will reopen for regular summer operations on May 9th, 2022.

Limited facilities for woodworking, project assembly and digital fabrication will be setup in the VA to support Graduate Students and Researchers during the closure. 

Digital Fabrication will setup 3D printing and scanning facilities at the VA but the Laser Cutter will not be operational during the renovation.

Once the renovation is complete the new facilities will include a new layout with a larger digital fabrication area, a merged woodshop and fabrication shop with a larger sanding area. New equipment like CNC Router, another Laser cutter, new 3D printers and more.


This page will be updated as the project advances but feel free to contact Joel Taylor if you have any immediate questions.

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