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Materialize is a new series of weekly multi-disciplinary Fine Arts workshops that offer students hands-on opportunities for collaborative skill sharing.

Workshop Schedule (more workshops to follow)

Date Workshop Host Location Time
Wednesday, January 18th 3D Printed Rings Don Undeen (technician/ grad student) CTC Digital Fabrication Shop (EV8.763) 5pm - 9pm
Friday, January 27th Silicone Mold Making Anne-Sophie Vallée (grad student) CTC Assembly Room (EV8.455) 1pm - 5pm
Thursday, February 2nd Bioplastics Miri Chekanovich (artist/ alumni) CTC Assembly Room (EV8.455) 1pm - 5pm
Thursday, February 9th Welding A Simple Structure Andrew Hoekstra (grad student) CTC Metal Shop (EV8.635) 1pm - 5pm
Tuesday, February 21st  Textile Mending Selina Latour and Eija Loponen-Stephenson (alumni/artists)  CTC Assembly Room (EV8.455) 1pm - 5pm
Thursday, March 9th Wood Carving Liz Xu (technician)  CTC Assembly Room (EV8.455) 1pm - 5pm
Thursday, March 16th Brush Making Diyar Mayil  CTC Assembly Room (EV8.455) 1pm - 5pm
Thursday, March 23rd Plastic Twine Making Kuh Del Rosario (grad student/artist)  CTC Assembly Room (EV8.455) 1pm - 5pm
Thursday, March 30th Making Multiples David Gardener CTC Digital Fabrication (EV8.763) 1pm - 5pm

How to Register

  • To register, visit the Materialize Eventbrite Page to access the event page for each workshop.
  • Registration will be available one week before the date of the workshop and is first come first serve.
  • A wait list will be maintained in case of a cancellation and students will be contacted to register.

Ways To Stay Up To Date

  1. Updates will be posted on here so please come back as more workshops will be posted soon.

  2. Look out for posters announcing new workshops.

  3. Sign up for the Materialize monthly newsletter to receive information about upcoming workshops, including schedules and registration links.

    To sign up, send an email with your name, email address and your request to be added to the list.

Where does it happen?

These workshops will take place in the Core Technical Centre shops, including the wood shop, metal shop, digital fabrication shop and the assembly room. These shops are located on the 8th floor of the EV building at 1515 Sainte Catherine Ouest. Each workshop will have a specified location which will be shared on the Eventbrite page and on event posters.


Who is it for?

All Fine Arts students at the undergraduate and graduate levels can sign up for these workshops, which will be led by invited local artists, graduate students, technicians and faculty.


When will it take place?

This first series of workshops will take place from January 2023 to April 2023.

Your input is welcome!

If you have suggestions or ideas for future events, please email

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