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Health and safety

The Faculty of Fine Arts is committed to providing its members with a safe and healthy work environment.  Qualified and experienced technical staff are available to ensure that procedures are in place so that students and faculty can successfully realize their projects while minimizing potential hazards.

The Faculty of Fine Arts collaborates closely with Concordia’s Environmental Health & Safety office.  Representatives from the Faculty sit on the Central Advisory on Health and Safety Committee, the Hazardous Materials subcommittee, and hold regular meetings of the Fine Arts Health and Safety Committee to address specific Faculty issues.

safety seminar is held two times in each academic year for Fine Arts faculty, staff and graduate students.

The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a safety seminar that provides new faculty, staff and graduate students with essential information regarding health and safety.

The seminar, offered two times in each academic year, covers the following topics:

  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Emergency procedures
  • Fire prevention
  • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System).

Extra sessions of the seminar are available upon request. Contact

Reporting to the Dean of Fine Arts, the Fine Arts Health and Safety Committee addresses occupational health and safety issues relating to the Faculty's academic programs, facilities, students, faculty and employees.

Committee responsibilities

  • Prepare an annual report for the Dean of Fine Arts and the University's Advisory Health and Safety Committee.
  • Recommend policies and procedures regarding health and safety.
  • Make recommendations regarding information, training and prevention programs.
  • Receive and evaluate suggestions from employees and students regarding health and safety.
  • Receive and evaluate complaints regarding inadequate response or action in correcting health and safety problems.
  • Review and comment on inspection reports.
  • Review summaries of Accident/Incident Reports and make recommendations where appropriate.
  • Monitor actions taken to correct health and safety problems.

For information or inquiries, contact

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