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Fall 2020 Programming


Five months after we were told to leave campus to be in quarantine, I could go back to my (tiny) office to get the things I had left behind: a rug, many pairs of shoes, notebooks, love notes; a still life of me making a space for myself here. I also picked up things necessary for me continuing working from home: computer, credit cards, and documents to read. Strangely enough, I came across a flyer announcing the inauguration of the FOFA Gallery, on September 21, 2006. Among others, artists presented were Sophie Jodoin, Marc Séguin, Marion Wagschal, and Randall Anderson. The gallery had its own logo (which can still be seen on our main entrance in the EV building). Funny how time went by so fast!

I felt it serendipitous to find this when emptying my desk: with no gallery space and a firm intent not to program "online exhibitions," there is a new version of the gallery, opening this Fall. Throughout this last Spring and Summer, I had to postpone exhibitions well into the Fall calendar, creating a ripple effect for the next two or three years. The silver lining of this exhibition calendar gymnastic is that I had the opportunity to invite more artists to join in, presenting artists I deeply care about. This semester, they will share with the public experimental work, studies, and new material; metaphorical objects deemed not professional enough for a "legit" gallery space. In addition, I was also able to offer a creative space to my (one-person) staff. We both enjoyed the opportunity to play during times where it would be ludicrous to do "as we usually do".

FoFA Artists and Concordia friends who will be presenting work during Fall 2020 are Nathalie Batraville, Joni Cheung, Burcu Emeç, Anastasia Erickson, Glenn Gear, Zinnia Naqvi, Walter K. Scott and Quentin VerCetty Lindsay. In continuing to implement the spirit of slow curating to the gallery's structure and programming, all of the artistic offerings will be presented through our newsletter and on Soundcloud. Did you miss our last exhibition before the pandemic? You can find Lauren Chipeur, Véronique Chagnon Côté, Ludovic Cléroux and Steven Smith Simard at Projet Casa in September. Please visit our “upcoming exhibitions” page to know the exact programming dates.

And I tell you once again, take care and isolate in style. These times have been overwhelming. I hope you enjoy what the gallery has to offer without its physical space.

Eunice Bélidor, FOFA Gallery Director


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