Video Studios


Video Editing Suites – EV10.524, EV10.526, EV10.504

The video suites are private rooms designed to support video editing projects. They include high-end video editing and animation software.


Colour Correction Suites – EV10.506, EV10.502

Suites equipped with color correction software, accurate color reference monitors and scopes.


Screening Room – EV10.525 (closed until further notice)

A quiet room with comfortable seating, a large plasma screen and surround sound playback for video screenings, game play and small presentations.


Video hub – EV10.508 (closed until further notice)

The video Hub allows playback, recording and editing of various digital and analog video formats. The video signals can be routed between various editing suite computers and many other media for playback, copying and archiving workflows.

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514-848-2424 ext. 4055



EV Office
1515 St. Catherine Street W.
Engineering and Visual Arts Complex

Room EV 10.802 (10th floor)

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