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Insurance FAQ

The Borrower/User Deductible seems like a lot of money – why so much?

Actually, the University’s insurer requires a $25,000 deductible on all claims and it has always been up to each department to manage the liability for all of their users. Generally this has meant that all users are fully liable for loss, theft or damage. We have ensured that we are covered by Concordia University’s Self-Insurance Fund which allows us to lessen the deductible for Hexagram members to $2,500 when there is no negligence.

All Universities in Quebec are covered under the same insurer, with a $25,000 deductible, but not all universities have an internal Self-Insurance Fund so users in some universities are liable for the full deductible of $25,000.

The deductible of $5000 that is specific to laptops seems like it’s more than most laptops cost – why?

The frequency of lost or damaged laptops has been too high and so the Insurance office has adjusted the deductible accordingly. Essentially they are saying that you’ll be held fully liable for the loss of or damage to a laptop.

I’m a research assistant and I don’t think that I should be responsible for equipment that I’m signing out for use on a researcher’s project. What are my options?

You may request that the Researcher be present to sign the equipment checkout document.

You may want to have a Contract or a Letter of Understanding that clearly defines your responsibilities and liability when working on a Researcher’s project. The Researchers employ Research Assistants and they are solely responsible for managing the terms of
their employment.

Are these policies new?

While this documentation of these policies is new, the policies themselves are not and are exercised throughout the University. We felt it was important to show transparency with our users so that they clearly understood issues of their own liability when using our resources.

Can we get a better insurance package specifically for Hexagram-Concordia?

No. Concordia’s Insurance Coordinator investigated and negotiated with a broker the best possible insurance coverage specifically for Hexagram-Concordia’s equipment and facilities, in an attempt to reduce the deductible. It was decided that the present insurance
coverage along with Concordia University’s Self-Insurance Fund was the best plan that was available to us.

Who developed these documents?

The documents were developed through a collaborative process of Fine Arts staff in consultation with Concordia’s General Counsel, Insurance Coordinator and Director of Financial Services. The initiative was undertaken in an effort to make the full range of equipment available for researcher use, as soon as possible. The documents were then reviewed and approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

The documents reflect a thorough and detailed investigation of Concordia’s current policies and procedures as they are actively applied throughout the university.

Please note: If there is any question of policy interpretation, this FAQ sheet defers to the actual documents:

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