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Equipment renewals

If you would like to renew an equipment booking you must use the form below. Do not submit a request more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled return time. 

  • Users must first check the availability of the resources through Patron Portal
  • If all the equipment remains available you can email the EV depot  and request up to the maximum circulation length got that equipment.
  • Until you receive a renewal confirmation e-mail indicating the new return time the original return appointment remains in effect and the User must be prepared to return the resources on time.
  • A late return could result in added costs to the User even if a renewal request was submitted. 
  • Renewal requests submitted after the resources were due back will not be processed and equipment will be expected back as soon as possible. 
  • Please keep in mind the current depot hours of operation when submitting your renewal request.

Only complete checkouts can be renewed this way. If any of the equipment in your reservation is already booked by another user and you want to keep part of a checkout then you’ll need to return all the equipment at the scheduled time.  The depot personnel can then return any items going out to other users in the system and renew any items you wish to keep that remain available.

If you instead create a new booking in Patron Portal for the same items you already have checked out you would be required to return all the items and then check them out again as you would have created a new reservation number which requires another signature. Also, if you create a new reservation earlier than 24 hours prior to the end of your existing booking you face the risk of having the new reservation cancelled.

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