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Much of the Fine Arts Academic and Research portable equipment has been moved to the CDA Depot and pickups and returns operate from EV5.770.

You will still be able to search for the type of available equipment online, receive accreditation when required; and then be able to make your reservation through Patron Portal.

The main difference in the process will be the schedule in which you can plan large pickups or returns. The CDA Depot tends to be open Mon-Thurs 8-10 and Fridays 8-7 during the semester with some reductions in the schedule in-between semesters. Users wanting to pickup less than 5 items will be able to do so anytime during the regular depot hours.
Users wanting to make large pickups and returns (5 items or more) will need to make their reservation no less than 72 hours in advance and will have a limited schedule.
Once pickups or returns are scheduled, these are considered appointments and you will be expected to be present within 15 minutes of that time or contact us to reschedule.

How to make a reservation using the Patron Portal

When making a Patron Initiated Reservation (Patron Portal) you are interacting directly with the reservation system, as opposed to your request being mediated by a Fine Arts facilities staff member. For Workstations you will not receive any further communications from the system. 

Before using the Patron Portal system you must:

1. Be currently registered in Fine Arts
2. Know your MyConcordia credentials.
3. Be accredited on the resource you want to reserve

How to use Patron Portal



Please note that after you log in to Patron Portal you will need to select the checkout centre that corresponds to the resources you want to reserve: FAR EV10 Depot; FAR at CDA Depot or FAR Workstations.

Search the menus here for information about all Academic and Research resources, then click the “Make a reservation”  button to proceed to the Patron Portal interface and complete the booking.

Note that users are not able to make equipment renewals through the Patron Portal system.  Please use the Equipment Renewal link and follow the instructions if you need to renew an existing booking.

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