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IMG_41 Théo Chauvirey

Théo Chauvirey is a designer born in France. He completed his specialized studies at the Lycée Monge (Chambéry, Savoie, France) in metallic structures (2009) and design and fabrication of bodyworks (2011). In 2016, he finished his bachelor in Design de l’Environnement at UQAM where he developed a strong sensitivity to environmental issues, design ethic, inter-scale relations and contextual integration.
Théo’s project for the Mdes program explores a trans-disciplinary approach to the field of public transport design, using biomimicry concepts and biofabrication methods. His research aims to propose eco-friendly solutions to the fabrication and recycling processes of the metro cars by replacing petrol-based materials with locally cultivated biomaterials. His final project MR-30: Mycélium Roulant 2030 is a full-scale model of a cross-section of a metro car in which all the seats and interior panels were grown with mycelium (mushroom roots).
During the MDes program, Théo deepened his sensitivity to environmental challenges surrounding the field of design while discovering the fascinating potential of biomimicry and biofabrication. He also had the opportunity to become an active member of the Milieux research institute and collaborate with bio-artist and lab technician WhiteFeather Hunter on the Bucci project, a biofashion project using Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) to grow dresses from kombucha (fermented tea).

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