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New Student Advising-Registration Sheet

Academic Advising

No academic advising is necessary for the new students as the selected courses to register is indicated below.


You may begin registering for your courses on July 4th. Be sure to register for both Fall and Winter terms for Year 1. Please do not delay your registration.

  • The registration system is accessed via Myconcordia with your netname and password. Once in MyConcordia, click on My Student Center and Select Enroll.
  • Follow the steps to register for courses here "Course Registration". It is strongly recommended you read this information before you begin registering for classes.
  • Courses offered for this academic year can be viewed on the Class Schedule.


Suggested plan for M.Des students

M.Des program

This 2 year (45 credit) program provides an opportunity for students to broaden their theoretical knowledge of design and focus on innovative research in areas of visual communication,the built environment, interactive design and design studies. If you plan to work during your course of study, we strongly encourage that you reduce your weekly commitments, in order to get most out of the program.

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