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Application procedures

1. Apply online and attach the following documents to the online application:
  • A statement of purpose indicating specific interest in the Master of Design program and how it relates to long-term academic, personal and professional goals (maximum 2 pages).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Proof of citizenship.
  • IELTS/TOEFL Language Requirement (international applicants) The language of instruction at Concordia is English. If your primary language is not English, you must write a pre-admission proficiency test. Proof of proficiency in English must be provided by achieving the appropriate score.
  • A Research Proposal – maximum 5 pages

The research proposal should include well-formulated research questions, addressing the theoretical frameworks in which questions will be addressed, potential outcomes, and a justification of the relevance of the topic. The proposal must also include an assessment of the feasibility of the proposed research over three consecutive semesters, demonstrating evidence of knowledge and skills relevant to the program and proposed area of concentration. Admission is contingent on the availability of an appropriate faculty member in the Department of Design and Computation Arts who agrees to serve as thesis supervisor. Applicants are encouraged to select a supervisor in advance, before admission. In special circumstances, the supervisor can be selected at the latest by the end of the first semester.

2. Three Letters of Reference:

When completing your application online, you will be required to enter your referees’ names, affiliated institutions and email addresses (college/university or company email). Your referees will then receive an email inviting them to complete an electronic assessment form and attach their letter of reference. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your referees to confirm they received this email from

You are strongly encouraged to submit your application before your program’s application deadline in order to give your referees sufficient time to provide their assessment and letter of reference.


3. Upload documents and portfolio to the Department of Design and Computation Arts website:


Submission deadline: January 15
Applicants are required to submit a portfolio of creative artworks up to a maximum of 15 creative/research works. Your portfolio and letter of purpose must be uploaded to the Design and Computation Arts website by clicking on the “Upload Portfolio” button. The portfolio must NOT be uploaded to the Admissions Application Centre.


  • You may choose to send additional original work to the department ONLY if it is a specialized work such as a book work/livre d’artiste, promotional packaging, limited edition print design, textile work.* When sending original work also provide your student ID and proof of application.
  • Each work included in your portfolio should be presented with care. Take the time to document your work properly and collate individual works into a portfolio that is assembled into a structured and cohesive portfolio submission.


  • Maximum 15 pieces of creative/research works. 
  • A table of content must be included for all material submitted for review. Each work must be clearly numbered and labelled with the applicant’s name, the title of the work, brief description explaining the work, the date of completion, size and the medium(s) used. 
  • In the case of collaborative projects, applicants must clearly define their contribution to the project. 
  • File size: each image should not exceed 3 MB. Video and sound files should not exceed 60 MB
  • If your portfolio dossier is submitted as a website, then copy/paste the URL online.
  • Websites must have a SHORT URL for easy access. Use the Google URL shortener at 

The Department reserves the right to refuse any portfolios that do not conform to the guidelines. 

*Specialized/original work should be mailed or hand-delivered directly to the Department by January 15. Expenses and insurance for shipping are to be borne by the applicant. Please enclose postage in the form of Canadian stamps or money order if you want your portfolio materials sent back to you. We cannot send portfolios back until we receive the postage to do so.

Master of Design Program
Department of Design & Computation Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts
Concordia University
1515 St. Catherine Street West, EV-6.761
Montreal, Quebec Canada H3G 2W1
514-848-2424, ext. 4626

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