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Sensor lab

The Sensor Lab provides facilities to Design and Computation Arts students working on class-related projects that involve analogue electronics, microcontroller programming, and simple textile construction.

The Sensor Lab also offers support to faculty members teaching classes in the areas of tangible media, physical computing, wearables, responsive environments, and other areas that involve embedded electronics or textiles.


The S-Lab organizes workshops at various times throughout each semester. Topics range from basic electronic fundamentals, soft circuits, Arduino prototyping, and programming of microcontrollers. Participation is open to anyone, but priority is given to Concordia Fine Arts students. The workshop schedule is published every semester on the website.

Project assistance

The Lab Coordinator can be consulted during regular office hours to assist in the realization of course-related projects.


The S-Lab is equipped with a wide array of materials, which may be used for prototyping projects. Sewing and embroidery machines are available to assist in the production of wearable applications, and a variety of reference books are on-hand to assist with independent development.

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