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Computation lab

The Computation Lab is an educational resource created by the Department of Design and Computation Arts and targeted towards the Fine Arts community. The lab organizes activities and provides resources to stimulate learning about the computation tools available for artists.


The C-Lab conducts several workshops each semester on topics related to programming issues in the context of new media art. Participation is open to anyone but priority is given to Concordia Fine Arts students. A workshop schedule is published every semester on the website.

Project assistance

The Lab Coordinator can be consulted during regular office hours to assist in the realization of programming-intensive projects.

Study groups

Study groups bring together individuals interested in learning a particular subject. The Computation Lab provides learning materials to mediate information and expertise between people interested in programming through establishment of a supportive community network.


Workstations equipped with the applications necessary to carry out projects in different programming languages and environments and multimedia equipment are available for use. Project development workspace and reference books are also available for individual study.


The C-Lab blog is an online resource to diffuse information about Montreal-based events related to creative computing.

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