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Silvy Panet-Raymond

Dance, choreography, performance, video, out of boundary projects in various countries, and transmission networks to open up new connections between artists.

Current Project: Ensemble Ouvert

I am interested in questions of authorship, authority and authorization in art-making. 

Ensemble Ouvert  provides structures where dynamic opportunities for open content can be generated throughout the process, from originating the material, translating or interpreting the material and transmitting the work to other artists.

Dynamic opportunities intended to:
  • expand relational practices generate alternative dramaturgies of inclusion, interaction, collaboration
  • engage in creative strategies beyond disciplinary boundaries explore different modes of transmission and networking 


6 feet on the ground (3 minute film) by Silvy Panet-Raymond.

Performers: Jérôme Bédard, Emmanuelle Calvé, Dana Michel.

Music:Nicolas Bernier.

Camera: Frédéric Lavoie

Ensemble Ouvert Project, France. Photography
La fin, etc Film (Jody Hegel & Normand Marcy)
La fin, etc  Film (Sonya Stefan, Dana Michel, Emmanuelle Calvé)
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