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Rebecca Murray

Owner and Director, Montreal Therapy Centre in Montreal, Quebec

Identifying your own creative process: An invaluable experience

Rebecca Murray
1.   How are you applying your degree in art therapy from Concordia?

I approach my work in creative ways and the art therapy training at Concordia serves as a reminder to continue to foster and encourage creativity in my clients. I am able to think outside of the box while leading sessions and as I develop new projects for the Montreal Therapy Centre.

2.   Is there a particular memory that stands out from your time at Concordia?

My very first day of practicum at the Allen Memorial Institute was memorable. We were a group of four or five new students about to embark on our first clinical internship in the acute psychiatric unit. We were excited and terrified at the same time. It was a challenging year with a steep learning curve, but it turned out to be an incredible experience.

3.   What advice would you give to someone considering art therapy?  

Art therapy is a powerful therapeutic approach and a fascinating career. Art therapy was my first step in therapeutic training. Be prepared to embark on a lifelong journey of learning and growth. I feel like I have the most interesting and fulfilling job in the world!

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