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Martine Létourneau

Music Therapist, La Maison Monbourquette in Montreal, Quebec

Openness, creativity and innovation: Markers of a high quality education in Music Therapy

Martine Létourneau
1.   How are you applying your degree in music therapy from Concordia?

For many years, I have been working with people experiencing grief because of the death of a loved one. With people who are grieving, music helps to create a climate of dialogue, exchange, relaxation and security. Music therapy promotes the emergence of emotional expression in mourning.

2.   Is there a particular memory that stands out from your time at Concordia?

The program requirements constantly pushed us to fully develop our skills and ensured that we became better human beings. It was a transformative process that stimulated my creativity.

3.   What advice would you give to someone considering Music therapy?

Understanding how to take better care of yourself certainly facilitates your capabilities as music therapists. Since we are often dealing with human beings in a state of vulnerability, empathy is an essential quality. It is important to be able to offer an environment to clients that generates feelings of security and compassion.

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