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Lyndsay Simmons

Sexual Abuse Intervention Counsellor, Northern Society for Domestic Peace in Smithers, British Columbia

Practicum hours prove beneficial: Requirements lay the foundation for applying creative arts therapies into daily practice

Lyndsay Simmons
1.  How are you applying your degree in drama therapy from Concordia?

I have integrated different drama therapy assessment tools in both my intake and progress notes used at my agency. Different drama therapy techniques and skills are used to run both my individual and group sessions.

2.   Is there a particular memory that stands out from your time at Concordia?

One assignment had us integrate the skills we learned into a performance about our personal process. While developing the performance, I remember being a ball of nerves. I was excited, scared, nonchalant and hypercritical all at once. I was so nervous while performing in front of my peers, but afterwards felt empowered and relieved of all that anxiety. It was such a release. The feeling was similar to taking the stage in a theatre performance. I remember laughing aloud to no one in particular and thinking that it works, that drama therapy really works.

3.  What advice would you give to someone considering drama therapy?

The program at Concordia is amazing. If you want a career in counselling while maintaining the creative aspects of yourself, I would really encourage you to take this program. The theories and classes are perfect for anyone who enjoys experiential work.  The instructors are remarkable and really offer their expertise to carry you through. I learned so much about myself throughout my studies, as well as my desire to become a counsellor. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities this degree has provided me.

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