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Landon Coleman

Music Therapist, Counterpoint Music Therapy in Ottawa, Ontario

Music to their ears: Music therapy helps clients of all ages achieve their goals

Landon Coleman
1.   What do you value most from your Concordia music therapy experience?

I value the one-on-one direction I received from faculty members and the hands-on internship experiences.

2.   Is there a particular memory that stands out from your time at Concordia?

I was able to help a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn to play and sing his favourite song at one of my internships. This is a child who struggled in every other academic discipline and most other areas of life. Giving him a chance to succeed was a real inspiration for me.

3.   What advice would you give to someone considering music therapy?

There are large segments of the population who do not have access to music and who really need the beauty, humanity, and healing that music therapy offers. Bringing music into health-care contexts is like having access to a freshwater spring in the desert. I am so grateful to be a music therapist and would highly recommend to anyone interested in entering this profession to start taking the steps to become a trained music therapist!

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