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SentinelOne Anti-Virus

This applies to macOS Big Sur.

After SentinelOne has been installed on your computer, you will see this new icon in the Apple menu bar, near the clock:


If you click on this new icon, you will see this:


To finalize the installation of SentinelOne, you need to open "System Preferences" then "Security & Privacy".

From there, open the "Privacy" tab then '"Full Disk Access".

Finally, click the lock to unlock the window.


Open a "Finder" window, then open the "Go" menu, then choose "Go to Folder..." and copy & paste this path:



Select the "sentineld", "sentineld_helper" and "sentinel_shell" applications.


Drag & drop these 3 applications to the "Security & Privacy" window you opened previously and click the checkbox on all 3.


Once done, the icon in the Apple menu bar near the clock will change to this:


If you click on the icon, you will now see this:


SentinelOne is now active and protecting your Mac.

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