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Computer procurement procedures

For used computers or for new Fine Arts full-time staff, please fill out the Computer Request Form.

You can order a new computer by following the steps below, but the best people to answer questions about purchasing any item is Concordia's Financial Services.

You'll need to use the Google Chrome web browser because this section of the portal will not work with Mozilla Firefox.

Login to the portal and choose Computer Purchase under the Procurement Services menu.


Follow the instructions and click the link labeled "PC Standard Models" or "Apple Models".


From there you'll either land on the PC store or more instructions on how to login to the Apple institution store.

Configure your items and add them to the cart. From there you can generate a quote that is emailed to you so you can attach it to your web requisition.

You can then send your web requisition to your supervisor or the Fine Arts Budget Officer for approval or to add your budget information.

If you are unfamiliar with the web requisition procedures, there is a PDF Web Training Guide available once you are in the Web Requisition section of the portal. You get there by clicking the Financial Services link, then the Millenium link and finally the Web Requisitioning link.


What happens after all that?

1. The web req goes to the next person for approval. Usually the Chair of the department or the budget office staff in the Office of the Dean.

2. They will then send it to Procurement Services who will issue a purchase order to the vendor.

3. We will typically receive the unit three weeks later and we will contact you the same day to let you know.

4. CDA will tag and engrave the unit and enter the configuration in the university asset management system.

5. CDA will transfer any files you may want moved to the new computer and install any mandatory or required software.

6. We will call for you to either pickup the machine or have it delivered to you by distribution (your call).

**Note, once we receive the computer, it takes us usually one or two days to do the work and let you know it's ready for pickup.

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