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Backup for Office Computers

It is the policy of Fine Arts to back up the computers of employees holding administrative positions and employed at least 21 hours per week.  These computers, provisioned in order to fulfil an administrative function, are automatically backed up to the CDA CrashPlan backup system on a daily basis.

What is backed up

CDA backs up your Documents folder and your Desktop. Please put any important files in those two locations. This will include your entire Profile on Windows and your entire Home folder on a Mac. 

Local email folders such as archives and preferences such as web browser bookmarks are also included. 

What is not backed up 

Files in the Downloads folder.
Video, image and sound files.
If such media files require backup, contact CDA through for help in finding a solution.

About the CDA backup system - CrashPlan

CrashPlan will alert you if your computer has not been backed up for five days.
This will occur if your computer is turned off or is sleeping for more than five days. If you see the message that your computer has not been backed up, keep it on (needs to be not sleeping) and see if you get the message the next day.

To view if your computer has been backed up, use the search function to find and open the Crashplan client. Alternatively, on Windows it's also located in the system tray (the black building icon) and on a Mac it can be launched from the menu bar at the top of the screen (look for the house icon).  

For technical support call 7613 or send an email to indicating you are a Fine Arts employee having trouble with the Crashplan backup system.

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