Video streaming

The AJA Helo is a video recorder and streamer. It can be used with any video camera with a SDI or HDMI output. This guide explains a simple setup for recording and streaming.

AJA Helo Video Streaming Guide

DSLR Video Shooting Quick Start Guide

This is a beginner’s guide to shooting video with a DSLR camera (the Canon T2i EOS 550D) . Although this is a cheaper model of DSLR, the principles demonstrated for determining exposure will be the same for more expensive camera models. There are quick start guides for other DSLR models on this CDA web page, but they skip over the information for the novice. This guide is a good place to start if you are new to video recording with a DSLR camera. This guide includes a section on recording audio with a Rode microphone attached to the camera or with an external Zoom recorder.

Beginner's Guide to DSLR Video

Sony FS5 Video Camera Guide

Please read this guide if you are using the Sony FS5 camera for the first time. The guide explains the automatic and manual controls in detail but in a much simpler way than the Sony manual. Although the FS5 is not technically a "cinema" camera, it can shoot a High Dynamic Range image, but with a compressed Sony XAVC codec. If you don't understand that last sentence, read the guide.

Sony FS5 guide

Other Video Camera Quick Start Guides

These are pdf quick start guides created at the CDA. They are an efficient, if sometimes slightly unaesthetic, way to learn the most important controls of these cameras. In all cases, they do not replace the manufacturer's manual and in the case of DSLRs, they focus on the video functions.

Black Magic Pocket Camera



Panasonic GH4


Zoom Recorder Guide

This document explains how to record with the Zoom recorder using the built-in microphone or an external microphone. Three different types of microphones available from the CDA depot are presented.

Zoom Recorder Quick Start Guide

Connecting to the Fine Arts Sound Effects Server

This document explains how to download royalty free sound effects at home or on a CDA computer at Concordia.

Connecting to the Fine Arts Sound Effects Server


Media players

The CDA has three video media players. Here they are in order of importance.

1. TXD233 (Bright Sign)

The best option are the newer TXD233 modified Bright Sign HD and 4K media players for single player installations and multiplayer installations where synchronized playback is required. There are 15 TXD233 players in the EV Depot.

Download this complete package that includes: a guide for single and multiplayer setup, video encoding presets for Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder, scripts to make the players loop and synchronize, and a short video test file.

TXD233 Media Player Support


2. DV75V

The DV75V are older players for single player and multiplayer synchronized playback. They are more complicated to use. Please only use them if the TXD233 players are unavailable.
Technovision DV75V player

Contents of the zip file for the Technovision media player:
A. A pdf guide.
B. Dspconfig files to automatically configure the menu system of the player(s). These files are arranged according to video output.
C. Video encoding presets for Adobe Media Encoder or Premiere. Part B of the guide explains some free alternative encoding software. CDA computers have the presets installed.


If the other two options are reserved, you might have to use the WDTV media player for single playback of a video file. This is not a synchronized multiplayer option.

WDTV media player

The following zip file contains video encoding instructions for WDTV media player and Adobe Media Encoder presets.

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