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Suite descriptions

There are thirteen CDA audio video suites on fifth floor of the EV building. These are private work spaces for all Fine Arts students. Here is how to reserve the suites. Here is a map of the spaces. All suites are connected to the FAMC (Fine Arts Media Cluster) except for VS02. Below is a breakdown of the suites:

Computer station with two monitors, two speakers, keyboard and mouse in a room with sound-proof panelling

Standard suites

There are nine standard suites: VS01 to VS 09.


Mac Studio M1 Ultra computer 64 GB RAM , 2 Dell 4K screens (colour corrected), RME stereo audio card, Adams A7x near-field sound monitors, power bar for peripherals, ambient 6500K lights.


Ableton LiveAdobe CC Suite,  Blackmagic RAW, Blender, DaVinci Resolve (free version), Garage Band, Handbrake, iMovie, Max, Maya, Microsoft Office, Pro Tools, Processing, Reaper, RedCine X, Sony RAW Viewer, TV Paint, Unity, Visual Studio, VLC and other standard Mac OS applications.

VS06 (EV 5.453 ) has extra audio software: Logic Pro, iZotope RX standard for noise reduction and iZotope Ozone Standard for audio mastering. Logic Pro and iZotope applications are also in installed in VS 10 and Logic Pro is also installed in VS12.

A sound mixing room with a control surface, three screens and three speakers Room EV-5.421, VS 10, Sound Mixing Room.

VS10: Stereo and Surround Sound Mixing

Please read this guide for the suite.

Please read this guide for how to use your own laptop in the suite.


5 Dynaudio AIR 15 speakers and one Dynaudio subwoofer (5.1 arrangement), AVID OMNI interface, HD Native card, AVID S3 control surface, Mac Studio M1 Ultra, Satechi Thunderbolt dock.


All the software of the standard AV suite plus Pro Tools Ultimate, iZotope RX Post Production Suite (includes RX, Neutron, Nectar and Insight), iZotope Ozone Standard, Logic Pro X, WAVES 360 Surround plug-ins.

This suite is similar to FAR room EV 10.724 and the Music Department rooms MB 8.242, MB 8.244, MB 8.252.

Comptuer with CINTIQ panel Room EV-5.427, VS 11, CINTIQ 22HD

VS11: CINTIQ room


Mac Studio M1 Ultra computer, WACOM CINTIQ 22HD with stylus, Dell 4K screen, RME stereo audio card, Adams A7x near-field sound monitors. power bar for peripherals, 6500K ambient lighting. The CINTIQ has an adjustable stand so it can be used vertically, flat or at different angles.


The software is the same as the standard suites.

A desk with three monitors and sound mixing equipment Rooom EV-5.810, VS 00, Colour Correction

VS00: Colour Correction

Please read the guides for the suite.


Mac Studio M1 Ultra, FSI DM240 2K color correction monitor, two calibrated BenQ PV270 2K screens, Tangent WAVE control surface, Pegasus R8 RAID drives, RME stereo audio card, Adams A7x near-field sound monitors.


All the software of the standard suite plus DaVinci Resolve Studio (paid version of Resolve).

This suite is similar to FAR EV 10 colour correction rooms.

EV-5.431. VS 12

VS12: Sound Recording

Please watch the tutorial on the sound recording suite. Help is available for this suite. Make an appointment (via email) with Phil Hawes or Mark Sherman.


Mecart Sound Module, Mac Studio M1 Ultra computer, Dell 4K screen, AKG 414 condenser microphone, Sennheiser 421 Dynamic microphone, Universal Audio Apollo IO, Presonus Headphone PreAmp, Mackie Big Knob, TL Audio Ivory 5050 PreAmp with Compressor, Adams A7X near-field monitors. Other microphones available are available from the EV Depot.


The suite has the same software as the standard suites with the addition of Logic Pro. You can record into the audio software of your choice: Pro Tools Studio, Adobe Audition, Logic, Reaper, Ableton Live, Garage Band, etc.

About the Recording Booth

The recording booth can comfortably accommodate two people (with instruments). Please request extra headphones or microphones if required. There are always two microphones and one set of headphones in the suite.   

This room is similar but much simpler than the FAR EV 10 recording studio.

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