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Lab etiquette

One login session per user

Only one login session is allowed at any one time. If you are logged in to more than one computer at a time, we will suspend your account. Arrangements must be made through CDA staff if you need to do this for a project. Sharing of your username and password is against Concordia policies and will also get your account suspended from CDA. There will be no reimbursement of any suspended account.

General noise

Please be respectful of your peers and keep the noise level to a minimum. While you may have a computer at home, some students do not and this is their place to study and concentrate. Staff members have the right to ban individuals if problematic behavior persists.

Noise - please use headphones

You should invest in a good pair of headphones as to not disturb others. A 6-foot cord is ideal, as the audio jack is sometimes located in the back of the computer.

Eating & drinking

The CDA does not allow eating or drinking in any of the labs. We tolerate bottled drinks that have tightly closed caps that won’t spill out if tipped over.

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