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The CDA offers introductory workshops on video and sound software. Throughout the workshops specific software is demonstrated but the accent is always on principles that can be applied to similar software.

These workshops are available free to all Fine Arts students who have paid their CDA membership fees (there is no extra fee). MFA students do not have to pay a CDA fee but must activate their accounts.

Workshops will be held in EV 5.718 (next to the CDA Open Access Lab) on Thursday and Friday from 2 PM to 5 PM.

Workshops are limited to twelve people per session.
You have a choice of two dates for each workshop. They are not repeated sessions. Each workshop lasts only three hours.
Dates and descriptions may be subject to change. Please keep checking this page.
Please contact Phil Hawes (EV 5.429, ext: 4912) if you have any questions.

To register for a workshop click on the following link. When you log in you will see a calendar with the workshop dates. Navigate to the appropriate date.


Workshop Dates

Fall 2019

  • Thursday October 17th. Adobe Premiere CC2019
  • Friday November 1st. Adobe Premiere CC2019
  • Thursday November 14th. Adobe After Effects CC2019
  • Friday November 29th. Adobe After Effects CC2019

Winter 2020

  • Friday January 24th. Adobe Audition Sound Editing and Mixing
  • Thursday February 6th. Adobe Audition Sound Editing and Mixing
  • Friday February 21st. Video Color Correction (Premiere and Resolve)
  • Thursday March 12th. Video Color Correction (Premiere and Resolve)
  • Friday March 27th. DCP Creation

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