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Resolve 10 Tutorials

DaVinci Resolve 10 Lite is installed in all the CDA edit rooms and edit room zero has the full version of Resolve 10 installed. For the full version, you must request the dongle from the CDA AV Depot to activate it. 

CDA edit room zero is the designated color correction room. It has a dedicated HD SDI video card and a professional LCD color correction monitor. In the other edit rooms, all the computer monitors are color calibrated with a colorimeter to be as neutral as possible but in room zero you will have a much superior reference.

In room zero, the video card and the monitor support HD and 2K video, but the computer is not capable of real time 2K RAW image sequence playback. This is another upgrade!

Da Vinci Resolve Lite is a free application available from the Black Magic Design website. You can work with it at home if your system supports it and if you trust the colors on your screen!

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