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DCP creation tutorials

This series of tutorials shows how to create a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with Premiere and the open source software for MAC, OpenDCP. Open DCP does not generate KDMs, so your DCP will not be encrypted. For independent filmmakers, I believe this is of little consequence.

This example starts with a 1080p HD video sequence and finishes with a 2K Flat DCP, but all the subsequent steps pertain to any image size. 

There is a lot of information about DCP on the web, but these tutorials simplify the process. All of the DCPs that I made were tested on the Doremi server at Concordia’s De Seve Cinema. Thank you to Mandi and Jean Francois for allowing me to make these tests.

Open DCP is installed in all the CDA edit rooms. You should be able to create a DCP of a ten minute HD video within the allowed five hour booking slot. To create DCPs from videos of a longer duration you must request overnight rendering. Overnight rendering is only available in the edit rooms, not in the CDA open access lab. 

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