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Audio Video Studio Descriptions

There are 13 Audio Video suites belonging to the CDA on fifth floor of the EV building.


Standard audio-video suite

Standard Suites:

Ten of the Audio and Video Studios are standard suites (VS01, VS02, VS03, VS04, VS05, VS06, VS07, VS08, VS09, VS11):

Hardware: iMac and a second screen (or Mac Pro and two screens), RME stereo audio card, Adams A7x near-field sound monitors. Applications: Ableton LiveAdobe CC Suite, AVID Media Composer, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, DCP-O-Matic, Handbrake, Max, Maya, Microsoft Office, Pro Tools, Processing 3, Sony RAW Viewer, RedCine X, Toast Titanium, Unity, Visual Studio, VLC, Wacom Tablet drivers

The standard suites are similar to FAR rooms EV 10.524, 10.526 and 10.504.

EV 5.453 (VS 06) is a standard suite with extra audio software:

Extra Audio Software:  iZotope RX standard, iZotope Ozone Standard, Logic Pro X, Reaper, Altiverb

This suite is similar to FAR room EV 10.420


EV 5.421 VS10: Sound Mixing

EV 5.421 (VS 10): Surround Sound Mixing

Hardware: Dynaudio AIR 15 speakers (5.1), AVID OMNI interface, AVID Artist control and mix surfaces

Extra Audio Software: AVID Plug -In Bundle, iZotope RX Post Production Suite (includes Neutron), iZotope Ozone Standard, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools Ultimate, Reaper, Altiverb Advanced, WAVES 360 Surround plug-ins.

This suite is similar to FAR room EV 10.724 and the Music Department rooms MB 8.242, MB 8.244, MB 8.252.


EV 5.810 (VS 00) Color Correction

EV 5.810 (VS00) Color Correction

Hardware: FSI DM240 color correction monitor, Tangent WAVE control surface, Pegasus R8 RAID drives

Extra Software: DaVinci Resolve Studio

Microphone icon vector illustration

EV 5.427 (VS12) Sound Recording

This room is currently under construction.

EV 5.427 (VS 12) Sound Recording

Hardware: Universal Audio Apollo IO, Presonus Headphone PreAmp, Mackie Big Knob, TL Audio Ivory 5050 PreAmp with Compressor, Black Lion Audio PreAmp, AKG 414 (x2), AKG C451, Sennheiser Dynamic

There are no extra audio plug-ins in this room, except for the UAD plug-ins for the Apollo interface. You may record using Pro Tools (standard), Reaper, Audition, Logic or Ableton. 

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