atelier b: Anne-Marie Laflamme & Catherine Métivier

Photo of Anne-Marie and Catherine of atelier b

Photo by Cindy Boyce

Anne-Marie and Catherine are the mentors for you if you are interested in: entrepreneurship, circular economy, sustainability, design and fashion.

Anne-Marie and Catherine are the inseparable friends who founded the atelier b brand in 2009. Their collections of durable and minimalist clothing for men, women and children are made gently in Montreal from natural fibres. From a workshop in their apartment while they were still students, to their studio-boutique in Mile End, the project has grown with them. The key values of slow design have always been central to every decision made by the two friends.

Both implicated in know-how transfer, they enjoy teaching as well as giving workshops and talks. While they both design the lines together with their small team, Catherine is more inclined to lead a production as Anne-Marie prefers to manage communications and marketing. Their forces are complementary and they prefer to work as a duo.

They recently launched a project of circular economy, transforming their manufacturing process into a completely zero waste production. They are transforming their fabric remnants into a new material allowing them to design a line of household objects. atelier b is known for its sustainable innovations.

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